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    Zimbra Email Service

    Soft-tech provide Zimbra email service solution and collaboration. 100s of Millions of People Trust Zimbra Email Collaboration. Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience available today, connecting end users to the information and activity in their personal clouds.

    Features of Zimbra Email

    • Zimbra provides the latest version of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), so your users can sync their mailbox, calendar, contacts and tasks to their mobile devices.
    • If some of your users work with Microsoft Outlook for Windows, Zimbra provides a MAPI connector that allows your users to see their entire Zimbra mailbox right in outlook.
    • If your users are using an Enterprise email client like Microsoft Outlook in Mac OS X, Zimbra provides Exchange Web Services, so your users can connect their Zimbra mailbox in their favorite Apple Operating System.
    • Zimbra Drive is updated file sync and share functionality. Built on the ownCloud/Nextcloud platform, Zimbra Drive provides seamless synchronization and sharing of files between your users, wherever they are and on any device.
    • The new Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ) feature allows granular control of which mobile devices can connect to the server. This pre-emptive security feature lets the Zimbra admin keep track of all mobile devices in their network.

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