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    WhatsApp Banking Bot

    WhatsApp is a social media platform, now it allows banks and customers to meet in an instant window using WhatsApp business API. WhatsApp banking is another addition of digital banking. Customers can receive direct messages from the bank on new product notifications and alerts in their messenger. Customers can send direct messages to their bank seeking answers to their queries. WhatsApp as a Banking Platform comes with safety features bolstering user confidence. Banking services on WhatsApp are mostly guided by AI. A virtual banking chat box guides customers through simple tasks like getting details on their existing accounts and other banking tasks . Digital banking through WhatsApp is completely safe only if you do not lose your phone.

    Advantages of E-Mandate

    Why customer should use Banking Services on WhatsApp

    • Available Banking Service – 24/7 X 365 (Even on holidays as well!)
    • Get various banking services from WhatsApp Application like Account Balance Enquiry, Last 5 transactions, Offers, nearest Bank ATM’s & branches, enquire latest interest rates and enquire latest products offered by bank etc.
    • Request for various banking needs like cheque book request, stop cheque, positive pay etc.
    • No need additional application installation on mobile.
    • Secure way of banking (end to end encryption)!
    Advantages of E-Mandate

    Soft-Tech Solution WhatsApp Banking Offering

    Soft-Tech Solutions integrate WhatsApp Business Cloud API and has developed WhatsApp Banking Bot to get various services on WhatsApp. There are two types of conversations on the WhatsApp Business API:

    • User-initiated: A conversation that initiates in response to a user message. User initiated message used in WhatApp Bot where customer request by send message on WhatsApp business number.
    • Business-Initiated: A conversation that initiates from a business to sending message to user. It is used to sent notification messages to end customer's WhatsApp Number.
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