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    Soft-Tech NACH H2H Interface

    National Automated Clearing House (NACH) is a centralized system, launched with an aim to consolidate multiple ECS systems running across the country and provides a framework for the harmonization of standard & practices and removes local barriers/inhibitors. NACH system will provide a national footprint and is expected to cover the entire core banking enabled bank branches spread across the geography of the country irrespective of the location of the bank branch.

    The NACH system provides a robust, secure and scalable platform to the participants with both transaction and file based transaction processing capabilities. It has best in class security features, cost efficiency & payment performance (STP) coupled with multi-level data validation facility accessible to all participants across the country.

    NPCI's NACH system provides file based transaction processing platform. Where inward files comes with digital signatureof original content and encrypted content of file and for outward file generated by core banking solution must be first sign original content and encryption content and then it should upload in NACH portal or SFTP.

    Following Activity manual doing by bank in NACH File processing:

    • Signing and verifying of files.
    • Uploading and downloading of files from NACH.
    • Authorizing each file in NACH.
    • Monitoring the ACK files.
    • Voucher posting in CBS.
    • Reconciliation.
    • Split the INP files if it is of huge size.
    • Merge the INW files if required.

    To overcome the above said manual activities and handle volume of transaction there is a need to implement Host 2Host interface at bank premise.

    SOFT-TECH Solution developed NACH H2H (Host-to-host) interface for Banks. Our H2Hinterface is an automated solution for secure electronic data transfer between Bank’s CBS and NPCI’sNACH SFTP Server.

    Our H2H interface is capability to process all file formats (text/xml) current and future supported by NACH system i.e. ACH DR, ACH CR, NACH CR (ECS), NACH DR (ECS), APB, EBT, MMS, Aadhaar Mapper, Aadhaar V-lookup file formats, etc. The system also allows Auto Sign and Verify, E-Mail and SMS notification.

    Features of Softtech Host-to-host Application

    • Secure Application.
    • Easy Processes.
    • End to End automation.
    • Auto download& upload file from NPCI SFTP Server.
    • Auto Signing and Verifying file content.
    • Auto PGP encryption & decryption.
    • Seamless file transfer between CBS and NPCI NACH Server.

    Advantages of Softtech Host-to-host Application

    • Digital signatures integrated.
    • Process all file formats.
    • Fully configurable.
    • Secure File Transfer As Per NPCI Guidelines.
    • Auto Push & Pull of Files.
    • Dashboard & Report to monitor File Status.
    • Dashboard Screen.
    • Customized as per NPCI & Bank Requirement.
    • Handling of Huge Volumes.
    • Reduces Operational Risks, Human Intervention.
    • E-Mail Notification.
    • SMS Notification.

    If you are interested in to procure and implement SOFT-TECH H2H application, please contact us

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