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    DigiSigning Tool

    Our new launching product is DigiSigningTool for GST invoice signing used while submit GST invoice in NPCI.

    We offer a complete software solution for digitally signing of GST Invoices, Challans, Consignment Note, Delivery orders, etc. with just few clicks, you can digitally sign Invoices & other documents, in a very user friendly way. It is simple, easy-to-use desktop software for signing multiple PDF files in single click. This DigiSigning tools helps organizations to digitally sign PDF document, it will saves time, costs and efforts involved in process of printing, signing and distributing files. It can also useful for any PDF document digitally sign that is used in varies department of origination, e.g. HR letters, PO's, invoices, statements, reports, TDS certificates etc. that can be signed and processed in bulk.

    Common features of PDF DigiSignTool are:

    • Digitally signs and encrypts all the PDF files in bulk.
    • Stamping digital signature on the PDF files.
    • Configurable the placement / size / contents of digital signature in the PDF files.
    • Signs the PDF files in native Adobe format.
    • Support E-Token based certificate
    • Support Self Sign PFX Certificate

    NACH Signing Tool

    Soft-tech Solution designed for National Payments Corporation of India's (NPCI’s) National Automated Clearing House (NACH) Project file signing and verification. It is a signing and encryption tool that can sign & Verify files in NPCI Supported format. Soft-tech Solution can sign files using digital signature certificate issued by any Certifying Authority in India.

    Our software has been used by several nationalized, Co-operative and Regional Banks.

    Common Features of eSignTool Digital Signature Solutions

    • Digitally signs and verify all the files in bulk.
    • Digitally Signature based NPCI Supported algorithms.
    • Support for PKCS/RSA signature.
    • Support for bulk signing and verification.
    • Support for digital certificates issued by the public certifying authorities.
    • Support E-Token based certificate
    • Support Self Sign Certificate
    • HOST to HOST Solutions for Auto Bulk processing**

    If you are interested in our Front end development services, please contact us on

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