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    Whatsapp Marketing

    Whatsapp Bot & Business API

    WhatsApp business API was launched by WhatsApp to help mid-large sized businesses communicate with their leads, users & customers at scale on WhatsApp. It is the Official way to scale your user engagement on WhatsApp and grow your business. Soft-Tech Solutions provide Platform for integration WhatsApp boat through HTTPS based restful API. We are providing WhatsApp bot for your business with dynamic configuration.

    Benefits of Whatsapp Bot & Business API

    Benefits of Whatsapp Bot & Business API

    • WhatsApp is an amazing promotional tool.
    • Increasing customer engagement has become so many times easier using this app.
    • Whatsapp supports not only text but multiple other formats like images, videos, audios, Vcards and also locations which make it easy for marketers while promotions.
    • Using WhatsApp messaging it allows the marketers to send the information to DND numbers as well.
    • Whatsapp is a cross-platform communication app which makes is available almost on all possible devices.
    • Through WhatsApp, marketers can send out the various launches, offers, updates about the product to customers keeping them informed all the time.
    • Whatsapp provides the ease to use without the requirement of any plug-ins.

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