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    Video KYC

    SOFT-TECH Solutions has developed "Video KYC Software" for customer Onboarding and re-Kyc of existing bank's customers, that helps organization to improve the way of customer services as well as manage digitally customer onboarding.

    A Kyc expert guides the customer to perform verification during the video call.

    Video KYC service includes face verification, address verification, document verification and consent verification.

    Customer can share their KYC via video through mobile or desktop pc from any place of their convenience.

    Video KYC allows businesses to utilize document image capture, document ID validation & a face-to-face interaction with customer & KYC Agent to digitize and expedite the KYC process.

    Performing video-based KYC verification is extremely cost-effective and saves entities a substantial amount of time.

    If you are interested in our Front end development services, please contact us on

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