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    Misscall Service

    Soft-Tech Solutions provide Miscalls Platform that you can integrate with your core system, for that you select your choice a number on which caller will call and in return, caller gets a SMS notification on his number. Callers do not pay any calling charges. It will integrate with your core system to send reply SMS accordingly.

    Our miscalls service is a completely automated web-based application enables you to get the realtime notifications of all calls via API's call by integration with your core system software. Our miscalls service is a platform that lets you create instant feedback, voting, business lead generation, balance inquiry or other banking services. Start customer engagement instantly with miscalls Service Increase your customer base with just one ring, and powerful Get lead API. Miscalls service is an advanced feature used by businesses for their customer to communication for various services.

    Benefit for Customer of Miscall Services

    • Do not miss out any lead
    • Helps in surveys, voting and campaigning
    • Get your customers connected
    • Lower Service Costs.
    • Our system will check your contact details whether, your services are active or not.
    • Improve customer satisfaction.
    • 24 hrs. Service with Instant delivery of the messages.
    • Send Messages with your Company's Name.
    • Faster than SMS
    • Can be used by both Landline and Mobile.

    If you are interested in our Front end development services, please contact us on

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