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    Soft-Tech provide Long Code Services it's also called a Virtual Mobile Number. It is simply a 10 digit phone number to which you can text or call. Long Codes are just like your mobile phone number. Your own number is 10 digits (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and so on. We just call them long because 10 digits is longer than Short Codes that are five or six digits. A Long Code allows an individual to engage and interact with a brand -- to send text messages to a company’s mobile application including voting, polling, games, contests, coupons, and a variety of other exciting interactive applications. Long Codes allow consumers to interact, communicate and become involved on a dedicated number provided for the service.

    Benefit of Long Code Services

    Benefit of Long Code Services

    • Unlimited Sub Keywords
    • No keyword limitation, all incoming traffic is posted on your server.
    • Real Time Web Based Reporting
    • Response can be forwarded to your URL
    • Change auto replies as many times you want
    • 99.09% Uptime

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