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    CTS- Cheque Truncation System

    RBI is considering replacement of the existing system of settlement of payment on the basis of physical cheques by a new procedure called “Cheque Truncation System” (CTS). It is an online image-based cheque clearing system where cheque images and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) data are captured at the collecting bank branch and transmitted electronically eliminating the actual cheque movement.

    SOFT-TECH Solution has developed CTS solutions for Bank to capture the cheque and process at clearing house interface. We have referred the NPCI guideline to developed the application, Its N-tier web-based application support various canner for capture the cheque for processing though CHI.

    Silent Feature
    • Our CTS capturing solution is Web Based solutions, developed using latest web technologies.
    • It supports various industry standard Scanner OEM. We have integrated with Digital Check teller TS240 scanner, Cannon, also we have integrated with silver Bullet ranger API which support various scanner models:
    • Facility to clustering cheque scanning branches.
    • Integration of CTS with the existing system very easy.
    • Automatically download inward xml File (PFX, PIBF, REF) from DEM (Data Exchange Module) (previously known as CHI), Upload Outward xml File (CXF, CIBF, RRF) on DEM.
    • Automatically extract inward xml file & generate Image and Text file for CBS or upload in CBS through restful API’s
    • Scheduling Facilitates for automated processes archive and pursing activity.
    • Email & SMS alert system integrated.
    • System is highly parameterized and easy to configure.
    • Rich in GUIs & user-friendly screens are designed for Heavy duty data entry Operations.
    • Maker checker facility available for outward CTS processing (parameterized).
    • MICR data repair facility available and reports available be for manual MICR repair.
    • Various MIS reports are available in system.
    • User level wise access rights of screens
    • Open-Source Technology used to save licenses cost.
    Video KYC
    CTS Solutions Process Flow Diagram
    NPCI CTS solution comprises of the following:
    • Image Capture Solution: Cheque scanning, Capture Images & MICR data reading and XML file generating. (SOFT-TECH provide the same)
    • Data Exchange Module (DEM): Bridge between Clearing House (CH) & Capture System.
    • Clearing House (CH): Validate presenting bank data and forwarding it to drawee Bank.
    SOFT-TECH CTS Solutions will do.
    Capturing & transmitting 3 types of images as below:
    • Front Gray Scale (Minimum DPI: 100, Format: JFIF, Compression: JPEG).
    • Front Black & White (Minimum DPI: 200, Format: TIFF, Compression: CCIT G4).
    • Rear Black and White (Minimum DPI: 200, Format: TIFF, Compression: CCIT G4).
    Read MICR data From Cheque

    Cheque scanner will scan the Cheque and read MICR band data like Cheque number, MICR code,
    short account Number, and Transaction code from the Cheque and give to our CTS solutions.

    Signing MICR data

    CTS Capture solution will digitally sign cheque MICR data through digital certificate (E-token or PFX file).

    Host Interface

    Soft-Tech Host Interface will generate outward file and upload file in DEM (CHI) and download response file as well as inward file from DEM and generate CBS supported data and analyses and process data.

    If you are interested in our Front end development services, please contact us on

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