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    About Pre-Validation Bank Account

    SOFT-TECH has developed API Interface for 'real-time Pre-validate Bank Account from ITR e-filing portal" to get Income Tax Refund. We are providing bridging interface between Bank's & direct ITR e-Filling portal for pre-validate bank account by bank's customers for income tax refund. Pre-Validation of Bank Account is mandatory for claiming the income tax refund. The income tax department will verify the returns and process the refund. This refund will only be transferred electronically to the bank account that is linked with the PAN. Hence, the taxpayer must pre-validate the bank account on the income tax e-filing portal at the time of return filing.

    For Pre-validate the bank Account, Customer visiting the income tax e-filing website and log in to the portal. Click the ‘Pre-validate Your Bank Account’ option under the ‘Profile Settings’ tab. Add the Account Details, If Customer Account's Bank have API based pre-validation enabled then request for account validation happened real time else ITR department send data to NPCI through CBDT file and bank validate the account by getting CBDT file, CBDT based account validation take up to 1 month depend of ITR department and Bank.

    If banks support API based Account Pre-validation, then Customer account validation goes real-time.

    Apart from pre-validating the bank account, the taxpayers are also required to link the PAN with the bank account. If the PAN is not linked with the bank account, then the taxpayer will not be able to get the income tax refund in the bank account.

    Features of POS System

    Key Features :

    • It works as bridging between Bank's CBS and Income Tax e-filling Portal.
    • API based Integration with Direct Income e-filling Portal.
    • Pre-validation bank account without manual intervention.
    • Real time validation of customer bank account.
    • No need NPCI CBDT file validation in NACH.
    • Easy to Pre-Validation account on e-filling Portal by end customers.
    • Listed your bank name on Income Tax e-filling portal.

    If you are interested in our Front end development services, please contact us on

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