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    CMS (Complaint Management System)

    SOFT-TECH Solution has developed "Complaint Management System'' for manage customer supports, that helps organization to improve the way to give support to customers as well as manage internal organization IT-services support. This is web-based solution, which provides a ticket system for all communications to organization’s helpdesk, which can be tracked and managed by dedicated support team and the customer that created the ticket. Customers can register and login to raise tickets, track the progress of support tickets, view past tickets and monitor all actions taken to assist with an answer/solution.

    As per RBI Guideline, Banks should have a support system for their customers to manage their issues, Our CMS will provide a platform for banks to manage customer’s services regarding issues. Banks can implement CMS for internal support as well as external (Bank's customer service support) by giving access on the internet.

    Features of POS System

    Key Features :

    • Bank is implementing this enhancement to support our effort and desire to continue the delivery of high-quality service to you promptly.
    • Banks can use it for managing their internal IT services support or external customer services support issues.
    • Using the self-service catalogue provides Bank’s users Or Bank's customers with the ability to create and submit incident requests quickly.
    • The tool allows Bank users/Bank's customers to track submitted tickets, updates on the status, as well as an estimated resolution timeline.
    • Bank Users/Bank's customers will be able to see their service request history.
    • The Bank IT team can analyse tickets to generate MIS for Management.

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