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    NGRTGS-Crypto Signer Tool

    NGRTGS Crypto Signer Application eliminate manual intervention by digitally signing outward transactions message of NEFT, NGRTGS, LC-BG and supports NGRTGS on cloud model for state through processing payment transaction.

    • Our Interface Connect using IBMS MQ Client/Folder Based/API Based
    • Seamless Integration for STP transactions
    • Supports N series and ISO20022 message formats for RTGTS and NEFT transaction
    • Creating every transaction record in defined folder
    • Log report for all transactions
    • Digitally signs ISO20022 RTGS, and N-Series NEFT messages as per RBI guidelines
    • Amount by Limit configuration for Digitally Sign or not
    • Inbuild Dashboard for view the status.

    If you are interested in our Front end development services, please contact us on

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